The Estill Course was far and away the most in depth, revealing, educational and inspiring vocal study I have ever done in my 20 years of singing.

Jenny’s teaching was so clear and her delivery of the knowledge, though dense, was broken down to be incredibly digestible.  I found the methods, techniques and information to be a revelation: it made me emotional at times, to think of the vocal relief and improvements I can now make for my singing and my vocal health, a career-long struggle for me.

Thank you Jenny and thank you Jo Estill!

Highly recommended and I intend to go much deeper into the wonderful world of Estill.

Ella Hooper

Singer/songwriter (Killing Heidi, The Verses), Media Presenter and Music Educator

How Does My Voice Work?

3 hour introductory, interactive workshop covering:

  • How voice is produced
  • Basic anatomical structures in the vocal tract
  • How sound changes for different voice qualities
  • Introduction and explanation of Estill Voice Training – Figures and Voice Qualities
  • Opportunity for questions and discussion

Next “How Does My Voice Work?” will be in HOBART, on May 4th, 2019. 

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Estill for Voice Remediation

Estill Levels 1 & 2 specifically and exclusively for ENTs, Speech Pathologists and Speech Pathology Students.

If you are interested in this course click here.

Crash-Hot Choristers!

3 hour introductory, interactive workshop for choristers and choral directors

Next Crash-Hot Choristers! is in HOBART, TASMANIA! Saturday, May 4, 2019, 2 – 5pm. Cost $80. 

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The Full Estill Course

Level 1, Figures for Voice

Level 2, Figure Combinations for Voice Qualities

  • 5 days
  • Essential first steps in understanding the techniques
  • Figures for Voice Control – independent voluntary control of discrete structures of the vocal tract
  • Once mastered, these Figures become the basis for producing reliable specific vocal maneouvres
  • Voice Qualities – Speech, Twang(nasal & clear), Falsetto, Sob/Cry, Opera, Belting


This course is exactly what I’ve been looking for! It’s turned my idea of what I can do on its head and blasted open so many possibilities and new understandings. The scientific explanations were placed in a practical context every step of the way.

Maryanne Smart

Estill Level 1 & 2 Courses – 2019

 September 23 – 27, 2019

Brunswick, VIC More Information Estill Sept 2019 Register here    

Figure Focus Groups

These are small discussion groups for Estill practice. More Information

Advanced Workshops

  • Workshops from 1 – 3 days for those who have already completed Estill Levels 1 & 2
  • Practical applications of all techniques applicable to spoken and sung repertoire including classical, contemporary and music theatre
  • Specific application of Estill Figures to different styles of singing
  • Permutations of Basic Voice Qualities in Belting, Music Theatre, Opera etc

Estill Course Review

  • 2-day Intensive Workshop including a review of Level 1 Figures for Voice, and ideal for those wishing to work towards a Certificate of Figure Proficiency.

Next Estill Course Review –  10am – 4pm, Saturday July 27 & Sunday July 28,  2019

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Jenny is available for one-to-one lessons in vocal technique, remediation for injured or strained voices, or for anyone who would like to improve their singing. Anyone can sing – you just need to learn how to do it!
Everyone has a beautiful voice” – Jo Estill