Who was Jo Estill?

Jo Estill (1921-2010), singer, educator and scientist, developed the Estill Voice Training System. As a performer from a very young age, she often wondered “How am I doing this?”. While studying for a Masters Degree in Music Education, Jo Estill did course electives in the Speech and Hearing Department and learned Anatomy and Physiology of the head and neck and the Principles of Speech Science. This led to an interest in voice research which has formed the basis of the Estill Voice Training System.

What is EVI?

Estill Voice International (EVI) oversees the development and implementation of Estill Voice Training.

I am not a trained singer – will the course help me?

YES!!! Any voice user will benefit from learning these techniques which are applicable to speaking as well as singing. Learn how to use your voice safely to increase power and projection and control the sounds you make in speaking and singing through independent voluntary control of the structures involved in voicing.

Should I have some individual lessons before attending a course?

Not necessarily, but those who do take individual lessons often find it helpful.

Can I buy the manual(s) without attending a course?

No. The information in the manuals is an adjunct to the concepts presented at the courses.

Can I have individual instruction?

Yes. Certified Master Teachers and Course Instructors can expertly guide you in learning the Estill Figures.

I have been diagnosed with vocal fold swelling. Can Estill Voice Training help me?

Yes! Estill has vocal health as a priority. Because we study how the voice functions, we are able to learn to use it correctly to avoid vocal strain and also to remediate injured voices. Jenny, as an Occupational Therapist, has expertise in anatomy and physiology and has worked in remediation with many clients.

Do you run private workshops for schools – teachers and/or students?

Yes! Workshops can be tailored to suit your needs – day, time, length. They can be just for teachers (academic staff, singing teachers, students) and may include a masterclass if desired. Contact info@voicewell.com.au for more information if your school is interested.